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June 2017

June Jewels

Named for Juno, Goddess of women and marriage, June is a month of magic and moonlight; a Midsummer Night's Dream full of fairies and fireflies; an international day for lovers, for divining the future and for building bonfires symbolizing good luck. The Full Moon aspect is the Mead or Strong Moon, with healing properties of strengthening, cleansing, protection and prevention.

The Universal Event is the longest day on the Summer Solstice, as all ripens and readies for harvest. The Communal Event is Midsummer Night and Day, a rich tradition where people return to their roots, often in the form of the Family Reunion. June activities center around endurance and triumphant fulfillment, while the month's message is focused on bonding and loyalty.

"The universe if full of magical things, patiently waiting
for our wits to grow sharper.
~Eden Phillpotts

June colors are purple and indigo, the sacred tree is the oak and mistletoe, cut now and later used at Yule ceremonies. Flowers of this month are peonies and roses, with moonstones, opals and pearls representing the month's gemstones.

June 1, the Kalends of June, was sacred to Carna, Roman Goddess of doors and locks, protector of family life. It is a good day to repair doors or windows, for this is also the day of Tempestas, the Goddess of storms who will be testing the work done. June 2 is Juno Regina's Day (Roman), celebrating women in public life, while June 3 is the Second Festival of Peace (Pax Romana), the protector of persons and property.

June 4 is a day dedicated specifically to roses: Rosalia, Festival of Roses (Roman), a symbol of the goddess for millennia. The rose originated in Arabia and was carried back to Northern Europe and Britain during the crusades. Originally associated with Aphrodite, in the Middle Ages, the meaning of the rose was redefined to Mary, Mother of God; the rosary being organized in multiples of five for the fivefold petals of the rose. Make this a day to celebrate the rose by indulging in some serious "me-time" with the flowers. Get your hands dirty by working with your own roses, or perhaps go to your local park or arboretum, or maybe just walk the neighborhood looking at and smelling the varieties of roses that abound.

"The perfume of roses are like exquisite chords of music composed of many odor notes harmoniously blended."
~N.F. Miller
Red roses universally symbolize love, passion and romance; dark red or burgundy roses symbolize beauty, while red rosebuds are symbols of loveliness. Orange roses symbolize passion and desire along with excitement and enthusiasm. Yellow roses stand for friendship, but yellow with red tips means the relationship could be moving from friendship towards love. Pink roses stand for admiration and appreciation; light pink roses represent gentle feelings of love, while the darker pink the rose, the stronger the feelings. White roses stand for purity and innocence and are also a symbol of honor; white rosebuds stand for young innocence. Purple roses are a symbol of enchantment; softly colored purple roses represent love at first sight.

The Roman day of purification, or Vestalia was observed on June 7, and sacred to the Fire Goddess Vesta. This was a time to clean and beautify the house of the Mother, when the inner most sacred space was opened to all priestesses, but where no man was ever allowed to set foot. The Roman Matralia was observed on June 11, and was sacred to childless women; also on this day, the Celts celebrated Mater Matuta, Goddess of Dawn and Death, closely associated with harbors and the sea. In Iron Age Briton, June 13, was the Celtic Feast of Epona, a celebration that stretched from the Balkans to Ireland, often represented by a magical white horse.

June 14, is the Greek Birthday of the Muses, those ladies who brought to humanity the joys of inspiration and technology. The Greek tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice was observed on June 17, and was also known as All Couples Day, celebrating love, loyalty and faith in each other. On June 21, the Sun enters Cancer, the Sign of the Crab; also a day to get in touch with your feelings by honoring Yemaya Olokun,

"Who knows where inspiration comes from. Perhaps it arises from desperation. Perhaps it comes from the flukes of the universe, the kindness of the Muses." ~Amy Tan

The Summer Solstice on June 20th, marks Earth's midpoint on her journey around the Sun; from this point the daylight hours begin to shorten until the Winter Solstice (December 21) when the days again begin to lengthen. This is a magical time for thinking, dreaming and wishing as depicted in countless stories such as Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" a tale of love in both mortal and fairy realms, mistaken identities, loyalty, honor and requited love. There is an ancient "charm making chant," used to make a midsummer wish, and is as relevant and meaningful as it was 3000 years ago:

Yes, you are here in the soft buzzing grass.
Yes, you are listening among the flower gardens.
Yes, you are shining from the most royal blue sky.
Yes, you are granting me what I wish tonight:
Grant me a healthy life rich with high purpose,
A true partner to share my joys and my tears,
Wisdom to hear your voice giving me guidance,
Wealth to give to others as you have given it to me.

Lady Luck, or Fors Fortuna (Roman), was celebrated on June 24; with green and white candles burned to stimulate her lucky powers and to be fortunate enough to receive her favors. June 27, was the Roman festival of Initium Aestatis, the tutelary Goddess of Summertime. June 28 is the final day of the Runic New Year.

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought." ~Wallace Stevens

As the Sun draws ever closer to the Earth, crops are pushing upward and soon the first ripe harvest will be here. During the days people take shelter from the heat, but after sunset, the radiance of the Midsummer Moon transmutes the harsh daylight glare into the hues of faerie. The Moon's soft pure light transforms the Suns pitiless illumination into a welcoming warmth, blessing all who walk beneath her rays.